IMPD says man shot by police ‘pointed a weapon,’ no longer say he fired at officers

Indianapolis police Monday said a man shot by police Sunday “pointed a weapon at the officers.”

On Sunday, while noting that the incident was still under investigation, an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police spokesperson said the suspect fired an unknown number of shots at police. No mention of shots fired at officers was made in the press release issued Monday. 

According to the release, police “encountered multiple shots being fired in multiple directions” when they responded to a report of a disturbance on the 4500 block of East Pleasant Run Parkway North Drive on Sunday around noon.

Approximately 20 people with weapons including guns, pepper spray, scissors and a metal pipe were on the scene when police arrived, police said. Investigators said the disturbance stemmed with a social media disagreement.

Police say a man involved in the disturbance “observed the arrival of the officers and fled to a nearby parked vehicle, visibly carrying a firearm.” After officers approached the vehicle and “gave verbal commands,” the man pointed his weapon at officers, and an officer shot him. 

Police work the scene near Christian Park on the east side after a shooting left multiple people injured Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020.

It is unclear where the man was shot. The man was taken to the hospital, but later released and arrested for aggravated battery. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will make final charging decisions related to the incident.

The officer who shot the man has not yet been identified. IMPD said the officer was placed on administrative leave pending further investigation, as is standard procedure when an officer’s weapon is discharged.

The first arriving officers on the scene did not have body cameras, which are still being rolled out to IMPD officers. An assisting officer from East District was equipped with a camera, which was activated. IndyStar has requested that footage.

Two women were shot prior to police arriving, the release said. They were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition.

Police said the man, as well as a woman who was arrested, shot the two women. None of the people arrested have yet been identified by police. 

Police recovered a handgun from the man’s vehicle and an additional gun from inside an apartment believed to be the gun used to shoot one of the two victims.

Three separate investigations will be conducted, IMPD said. The shooting is being investigated by IMPD’s Critical Incident Response Team. IMPD’s Internal Affairs Unit also will investigate to see whether departmental policy was followed. The IMPD Firearms Review Board also is involved to determine whether the use of force was reasonable.

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